Filo uses a common CR2016 battery that lasts up to 10 months depending on the intensity of use and whose minimum duration is 3-4 months.

The battery of Filo is replaceable. You can easily buy the batteries in any Supermarket or Hardware store.

To check the charge level of your Filo Classic, open the Filo app and go to the settings menu by clicking the icon in the top right.

Tip: if the Filo app in the app your tracker is disconnected (gray icon) it may be discharged, to be sure, hold down its button for about ten consecutive seconds:

  • If Filo Classic does not ring, it means that the battery inside the device has run out and needs to be replaced.

Follow this procedure to easily replace the battery of your Filo Classic:

  • Open the cover of Filo through the appropriate slot on the side, helping you by levering the corner where the black ring of Filo has been positioned.

  • Remove the CR2016 battery and replace it. Respect the correct polarity of the battery, which must be inserted with the + symbol facing up and to the left.

  • Close the cover.