If you have an iPhone or iPad follow these steps to associate your Filo Tag:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone / iPad;

  • Open the Filo app and click on "Start";

  • Follow the initial tutorial to register in the app and create your account;

  • Select Filo Tag as the device to add;

  • Make sure you grant all permissions to the Filo app (ie check that all the ticks on the "App Setup" screen are green) and click on "continue";

  • Click the button once and wait for Filo Tag to emit a sound;

  • Click now on "continue";

  • Choose a name and a category to assign to your Filo Tag;

  • Click on "start using your Filo Tag";

  • Press the bell and let your Filo Tag ring!

  • Press the Filo Tag button twice (quick double click) and make your iPhone / iPad ring!

If you have completed these steps, the configuration was successful, now you just have to use your Filo Tag to discover all its features!